How to Sue CSL Plasma and make it a win-win for everyone

Donating plasma has its risks, including malpractice and negligence of the company and phlebotomist. This site offers tips on how to sue if you have been wronged plus helpful links.

While frivolous lawsuits are discouraged, if you have been harmed by donating plasma you may be in a strong position to sue even if you signed a waiver stating you know the potential problems especially if the company you gave plasma to was negligent, didn’t follow good practices or perhaps for other reasons.

Hot Flashes During a Draw

If you experienced an extreme hot flash and sweating while having your plasma drawn they likely drew too much.
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Infection After a Draw

Some plasma companies cleanse the draw site with iodine which is a less effective sterilizer than alcohol. You’ll know they used iodine as it leaves a red-yellow stain.
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This site is not copyrighted. You are invited to quote and duplicate it as you like. Source attribution will be appreciated including the URL. That way if for any reason this site is taken down, it will be available other places.
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About the Site

This site is in its infancy. When complete this site will include more information including info on CSL Australia and other countries, recommended law firm(s) in each country and strategies. After all, some jurisdictions are known to be more prone to successful bribery than others. Plus there will be a bulletin board so users can connect with each other, share their experiences, form class action lawsuits, learn from past lawsuits and become empowered. The bulletin board will be heavily moderated to keep it purpose driven, effective and as free of misleading information as humanly (perhaps we’ll include AI too) possible

Come back occasionally to check for updates and please take care of yourself as CSL and other plasma donation companies might not. For example, the Red Cross, World Health Organization and other international health authorities recommend not donating more than once a month. CSL in the US says it’s fine to donate eight times that often. The Atlantic  did an in-depth article on some of the profit over care antics of the plasma collection industry. Please read the entire article for a better picture. I’ll share one of their findings here

Why do donors, including myself, suffer fatigue akin to blackouts

During plasmapheresis, centers often use a chemical, sodium citrate, to keep blood from clotting, Washington explained. Sodium citrate and other citric-acid derivatives bond with the calcium in your blood, and afterwards the calcium is no longer available to your body. We know that some people respond badly to sodium citrate. The worst case is rare: extreme hypocalcaemia, which can be fatal. But more often, people will suffer fainting, tingling and numbness, muscle contractions, or even seizures.
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In the United States you can sue a corporation where their main office is. The judges are likely to either have been bought off and be prejudiced against you or know the corporate antics and treat you fairly. This website knows someone who chose Boca Raton Florida, home of CSL Plasma, to sue them. More details would be found in online legal resources 

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To get a more of a sense of CSL search using various phrases about problems and CSL lawsuits. During the pandemic Pro Publica  reported that CSL gave their employees masks labeled “NOT for medical purpose.” Some of the companies CSL supplies medication to which is made from plasma won a 64 million dollar class action price fixing suit  against them. There are numerous other individual and class action lawsuits CSL has had to pay out on plus some such as this one brought about by governments.

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